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Jan 2017

Email marketing trends for 2017

What will 2017 bring new in email marketing? 2016 has come to an end and we can’t help but ask ‘What’s Next?’ when it comes to email marketing. Even though some argue this channel is dying, a Radicati report states that email continues to see strong use in the business world, as well as among … Continue reading

Dec 2016

OTA’s email best practices for unsubscribing

The Online Trust Alliance has published its annual analysis report regarding email marketing along with their insights and guidance for enhancing the connection between businesses and customers. While OTA’s report offers valuable data that we strongly advise you to read entirely, the unsubscribe process and associated user experience have represented the core analysis and reporting … Continue reading

Nov 2016

The internet is under attack

Bruce Schneier, top security and privacy specialist, wrote on his blog: “someone is learning how to take down the internet and they are probing the defenses of the companies that run critical pieces of the internet”. That’s BIG! Big and not exactly a surprise, considering we are still using the same “version” of the internet … Continue reading

Oct 2016

A new mail service from AOL

The offline has moved in the online for a long time. It’s like we can’t even remember how it was like without a cellphone, an internet connection and an online social life. There are so many things we need to handle both offline and online, that we cannot live without tools and programs to help … Continue reading

Sep 2016

Gmail Finally Supports Responsive Design

Google’s Gmail email applications will begin supporting responsive email design by the end of the month, the technology giant announced on Wednesday. Designed emails will now render correctly on any device that email subscribers access their Gmail on, meaning that mobile users will now have the same experience that desktop users do. “Text, links, and … Continue reading