Mar 2019
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Tech Guru

in Bucharest, Romania


Tech Guru

Bucharest, Romania

Do you enjoy breaking things just so you can fix them? Do you like AI just because it’s decent competition?

You’ll get to choose your convenient technologies while working in an environment where things move quickly and efficiently. Finding the right solutions to problems is as much of a challenge as it is a fun way to work. Also, you’ll be lead of the development process that will be mandatory for reaching the team’s goals.

  • Design, architect and develop scalable, robust, testable, efficient, and easily maintainable code for software solutions.
  • Translate software requirements into stable, working, high performance software.
  • Focus on automation of deployment, continuous delivery and automated testing.
  • Analyze malfunctions in terms of time response, stability, robustness of components, as well as of the entire system.
  • Develop and drive optimal network design, ensuring network service is optimised for all developed applications.
  • Be a bridge between the development team and technical operations team. Everybody knows that nowadays everything is automated including the server triggering, application installation, configuration and validation processes included. So there has to be a lot of coding that needs to be just right and it is your responsibility to ensure all that is working very smoothly.

Do you…

  • Overshoot the status quo?
  • Look forward to unbalance the virtual representation of the internet?
  • Override machine cognitive functions?
  • Perform tasks without walking on the beaten path?
  • Test all shortcuts to get from problem to solution?
  • View IT security as a multilevel challenge that you choose not to beat?
  • Have a kink for algorithms, automation and machine learning?

Feel ready and fit for the job? Give it a go and let’s talk about the role that will allow you to use your skills and imagination combined.

  • A well-deserved salary and performance commission
  • “As long as the job gets done” type of flexible hours
  • “Employee of the month” performance bonus
  • Referral bonus for getting your friends to work with us
  • “Birthday Bash at the Wheel of Fortune” (it’s weird but you want it, trust us)
  • Medical coverage to keep you healthy
  • Holiday bonification twice a year to keep you happy
  • Career improvement training and workshops to make you smarter


  • “Jingle and Mingle” & “Fun in the sun” – the best company parties you’ve ever seen
  • We hold a cool event every month
  • Each team goes on outings to keep that flame alive
  • We have fresh fruit and vegetables, along with coffee and tea to keep that brain in top shape
  • The onsite snack dispenser is here for those moments when all you need is chocolate
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Tech Guru in Bucharest, Romania

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